Must-Have Information Every Event Sponsorship Deck Needs

Must-Have Information Every Event Sponsorship Deck Needs

In the world of events, securing sponsorships plays a very important role in the success and growth of the event.

Event sponsorships are a pretty common way to fund your event and offer certain benefits to companies who want to be associated with your event too. When seeking support from potential sponsors, a powerful tool that can significantly influence their decision-making process is your event sponsorship deck. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the significance of an event sponsorship deck and explore the must-have information that will captivate sponsors and persuade them to say yes to you!

What is an event sponsorship deck?

An event sponsorship deck is a presentation that outlines the benefits of sponsoring an event to potential sponsors. It should be a carefully crafted pitch about your event that serves as a persuasive medium to showcase the value, benefits, and unique opportunities that an event can offer to its sponsors.

Why is this important?

A well-crafted sponsorship deck is often the first impression that potential sponsors will have of your event, so it’s important to make a good one. The deck should be visually appealing and easy to read. It should also be clear and concise, and it should highlight the benefits that sponsors will receive.

Now that you know how important it is to have a well-crafted sponsorship deck, how do you create one? You can learn this and get a template to work with in our free e-book, the Event Finance Playbook! But first, let’s tell you some of the must-have information your deck needs.

An overview of your company and event

Before you go into presenting the sponsorship opportunities to your potential sponsors, it’s important to start with giving them a comprehensive overview of your company or brand (if you have one) and your event. This section provides potential sponsors with a clear understanding of your event's purpose, scope, and target audience. You should also provide details such as your event's theme, date, duration, and location.

This section should also include an overview of your anticipated attendance and demographics. This helps to emphasize the potential reach and exposure sponsors can expect. Basically, this section is a foundation that sets the stage for the rest of the sponsorship deck's content and establishing a strong case for why sponsors should get involved.

A description of your event attractions

An attendee at the photobooth attraction at Tixieland 2022

Another essential component of a sponsorship deck is a compelling description of your event's attractions. The aim of this section is to captivate potential sponsors by highlighting the unique and exciting elements that will make your event stand out.

It could include a detailed overview of the event’s activities, featured speakers, special guests, or popular performers who will be present at the event. By providing a clear description of these attractions, sponsors can envision the opportunities for brand exposure and engagement that they can leverage through their sponsorship. This section will create a sense of excitement and anticipation, convincing sponsors that their association with the event will not only enhance their brand visibility but also provide valuable experiences for event attendees!

A description of the sponsorship opportunities

The next thing your event sponosrship deck needs is a detailed description of the various sponsorship opportunities available to potential sponsors. This section should outline the specific packages, tiers, or levels of sponsorship that sponsors can choose from. It should clearly articulate the benefits that sponsors will receive at each sponsorship level. These could include logo placement, naming rights for specific event components, speaking opportunities, VIP access, and promotional mentions across various marketing channels.

By presenting these options, you will enable sponsors to select a sponsorship level that aligns with their goals, budget, and desired level of involvement!

An explanation of sponsorship benefits

Here, you need to convince your potential sponsors by highlighting the tangible advantages and returns on investment that they can expect if they partner with you. It should emphasize how the sponsorship can enhance brand visibility, increase brand recognition, and target specific demographics. This, with the information in the sponsorship packages or tiers, will convince sponsors that their partnership with the event will yield measurable returns and contribute to their overall marketing objectives.

A compelling sponsorship deck not only captures the attention of potential sponsors but also helps them envision the unique opportunities for brand exposure and engagement that your event offers. By including all these must-have information in your deck, you can effectively communicate the value and advantages of sponsoring your event.

Lucky for you, we have the perfect resource to help you secure sponsorships and raise money to plan your event! So, invest time into downloading and reading through our Event Finance Playbook, and watch your event soar to new heights with valuable partnerships!