5 Types of Event Tickets and When To Use Them

5 Types of Event Tickets and When To Use Them
A Tix event support staff scanning a ticket at an event

Planning an event involved multiple important decisions, and one of the most crucial ones is figuring out your ticketing strategy. What types of tickets should you choose? How much will they cost? Will you offer discounts on tickets?

These are questions you should ask yourself and your event planning team, because the types of tickets you choose can influence your event attendance, revenue, and the overall experience for your attendees. So to help guide you on this, this blog post will tell you all about 5 common ticket types and when you should use them for your event.

General Admission Tickets

These are the most common and versatile type of ticket. They’re the first choice for lots of event organizers because they’re suitable for pretty much almost any event, from concerts and sporting events to conferences and festivals. General admission tickets usually offer attendees access to the event but do not include any special privileges or perks.

When using general admission tickets, it's essential to be prepared for potentially long lines and overcrowding, particularly if your event is a really popular one with a big venue. If you want to have lots of attendees at your event and a diverse audience, general admission tickets are the way to go.

Tix event support staff scanning general admission attendee tickets at Tixieland 2022

VIP Tickets

VIP tickets are perfect for events where you want to offer a premium experience to a select group of attendees. This type of ticket is often used at events that also offer general admission tickets as an opportunity to provide a better event experience to attendees at a premium price.

VIP tickets often come with a range of exclusive perks such as front-row of preferred seating, backstage access, meet-and-greet opportunities with performers, and better food and drink options. The pros of offering VIP tickets are that they help generate higher revenue per ticket and also attract high-profile guests, enhancing the overall prestige and reputation of your event. However, you need to carefully plan and execute the VIP experience to ensure that it genuinely justifies the ticket price and leaves ticket holders with unforgettable memories.

Early-bird Tickets

Early bird tickets are a great way to incentivize early registration for your event. They are particularly useful when you’d like to create a sense of urgency and reward attendees that choose to attend your event weeks or even months in advance.

For any type of event, early bird tickets can be a powerful tool. Offering these tickets at a discounted rate for a limited time pushes potential attendees to secure their spots early. This in turn helps you plan your logistics better and anticipate attendee numbers. Promoting early-bird tickets also build anticipation and excitement around your event's launch, helping to generate buzz and get you more ticket sales. However, one thing to note is to set clear deadlines for the early-bird pricing and ensure that the discount is attractive enough to motivate potential attendees to take action sooner rather than later.

Group Tickets

You might already know this, but we just launched Group Tickets on Tix. They’re designed for events where you want to encourage your attendees to come with friends, colleagues, or family members. Group tickets are a smart choice for event organizers who aim to foster a sense of community and shared experience among their attendees.

These tickets are also usually offered as discounts or special packages for groups. So you not only boost attendance numbers but also make your event more affordable for attendees. Sounds like a great idea right? Then create a group ticket for your next event on Tix now!

A group of friends at Tixieland 2022

Invite-Only Tickets

If you’re planning an exclusive or private event, invite-only tickets are your best bet. These events could be new product launches, industry parties, or high-level networking gatherings, and invite-only tickets ensure that only invited guests can attend.

With invite-only tickets, you’re guaranteed to have a selective and curated guest list. This helps you carefully manage the caliber of attendees, foster an atmosphere of importance and anticipation among invitees, and facilitate targeted networking opportunities.

As we said earlier, the type of event ticket you choose can significantly impact your event's success. It’s important to consider your event's goals, target audience, and budget, then select any of the ticket types in this blog post. A well-thought-out ticketing strategy can enhance the attendee experience, increase revenue, and help you achieve all your event objectives.

And if you’d love to use your event to build a loyal and engaged community, don’t forget to add group tickets to your ticketing strategy! Learn more about group tickets here.